The Rest of Our Home

In an earlier post, I gave you a tour of our cabin or bedroom. Today, I would like to show you the remainder of our home. Viking originated as a Scandinavian company and the decor of the ship has a very Scandinavian feel with simple lines and decor. Our ship, the Viking Sun, was completed and had its first sailing in late 2017. We will begin the tour in our living room.Viking actually calls the bottom floor of the three floor high atrium the Viking living room. The area surrounding the open atrium is subtly divided into smaller conversation areas similar to a living room. Rather than having one large library, there are smaller libraries scattered around the ship such as at the back of this room. The atrium area is used for concerts by the classical trio and the piano player. In this picture you can see more sitting groups on the other side of the atrium as well as the shore excursion and guest services area. There are chairs and tables along the edge of the railings of the second and third floor, so you can enjoy the music there as well. For bigger events, there is seating on the stairs. Like any living room, there is a full service bar as well.At the head of the stairs is a large screen that features an ever changing collection of pictures such as stamps of the port we are visiting, beauty shots of Viking related things, or a “this day in history” list. During early evening concerts, it features paintings by Edvard Munch.There is an interesting garden of lichens and stones beneath the atrium stairs.This is the atrium is seen from our floor on level three.The aisle beside the atrium on level 2 has these circular game tables. Remove the cover and you can play electronic games such as black jack, solitaire, or mahjong.This is the Wintergarden where tea is served each afternoon with fresh scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, macaroons, and a variety of little tea sandwiches and pastries. We try to limit our tea time to once a week.The Explorers’ Lounge at the front and top of the ship is a favorite place to relax. There is a bar and a small restaurant serving light lunches and breakfasts. There was a dance class when I took the picture.The upper floor of the Explorers’ Lounge is always quiet and relaxing.The main pool has a retractable roof that is open when the weather is nice. The tracks in the bottom picture are for the roof. The pool deck is a popular location for parties.The ship has a small museum on Viking heritage as well as art scattered throughout the ship.All of the art has a label with a number (bottom right of picture) that ties into an app for your smartphone where you can learn more about the art.The stairwells feature reproductions of segments of the Bayeux Tapestry, which was likely made in England and is displayed in the Normandy area of France, and of prehistoric cave paintings from Sweden. The stern of the ship features an outdoor dining terrace and an infinity pool.It couldn’t be a Scandinavian ship without a spa featuring saunas, a steam room, a snow room, and this large hot tub.Of course, we have multiple dining rooms – this is the cafeteria. It is a beautiful, modern, and comfortable ship.*

We have one more sea day before we reach the Marquesas Islands on Saturday. The crossing of the Pacific started with three rather dreary days, but the sun has come out and the temperatures have been pleasant.

* Unfortunately, no compensation was received from Viking for the publication of this blog.

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  1. Hi Bruce and Susan:
    I have been looking forward to your tour of the ship since we are planning to sail on the Viking Sea to Canada in October. The pictures are wonderful. More important, your commentary is so professional. Like you Bruce, I worry about plastic being dumped in the sea.
    Enjoy your stop tomorrow.
    Nancy and Gary

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