Welcoming 2018

Viking turned New Years Eve into an all day eating, entertainment, and party extravaganza. They began with a brunch served around the pool featuring eggs Benedict with lox, shrimp, crab, sushi, Bloody Marys and other goodies. Dinner featured a large whole lobster or beef Wellington in the restaurant and steak Diane and crepes Suzette prepared before your eyes on the aft deck. We went to the brunch early for breakfast and again as it was closing for lunch. The entertainment was a Canadian vocal group performing a mix of classical and popular songs. This was followed by a two hour dance party featuring the band and most of the vocalists on the ship to welcome in the new year. This stood in stark contrast to last New Year’s Eve which we spent at the Charleston bridge tournament. Believe me, bridge players do not party as hard as cruisers!New Years Eve with our new friends Alice and Chazzie.

New Years Day we visited Cabo San Lucas at the bottom of the Baja Peninsula. The most famous site there is El Arco at the tip of the area known as Land’s End.Parasailing was a very popular activity. You can see one above the arc in the sunset picture.

While we were waiting for the bus for our excursion, we saw some Sally Lightfoot Crabs on the rocks near the pier.I tried to learn the origin of their name without much luck. The best I found was that they were named after a Caribbean dancer. I did learn that their scientific name is graspus graspus which seems very appropriate.

Cabo, and particularly the pier area, was very crowded and touristy. Our tour was to the nearby town of San Jose Del Cabo. Since it was New Years Day, the town seemed pretty sleepy.The central Square in town was decorated with a large Christmas tree. Comparing this square to San Miguel, it was much larger much but also much less appealing since it was mostly concrete instead of mostly plants.The church on the square was a simple, but attractive, design.The town had a number of attractive galleries that chose to open on the holiday for us. The design on this dog is done with beads.

We are presently enjoying the first of two sea days before arriving in Los Angeles on Thursday when the world cruise will officially begin. Presently, about half the passengers are just on the pretrip from Miami to Los Angeles. When we leave Los Angeles, all of the passengers will be on until London.

3 thoughts on “Welcoming 2018”

  1. Happy New Year to you both!
    We spent the weekend at LBI. It turned out way better than I expected. A great concert at The Surflight 60’s, 70’s music. Then cocktails at my house and dinner out..
    Of course, the wind chill was sub zero. That could have been better.
    Love to you both,

  2. Sue –
    How do you stay so thin with all that incredible food on the ship and everywhere else you go???
    We are frozen here in Boston!
    Carol & Steve

    1. Not so thin.. I have been exercising to keep up with the eating. It’s snowing in Pawleys Island too. Stay warm.Happy New Year .Susie

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