The Land of Volcanoes and Lakes (and Churches)

Wednesday we took a tour to Leon, Nicaragua. The country refers to itself as the land of volcanoes and lakes. We didn’t see any lakes but we did see a number of volcanoes and Leon certainly has a lot of churches. For those of you with really good memories, we visited Leon a couple years ago when we took the Oceania cruise through the Panama Canal; so this tour was pretty repetitive for us. Still, Leon has a pretty Cathedral, and there aren’t too many churches where you can walk around on the roof and find better views.One of the many volcanoes in Nicaragua.For a relatively small city, Leon has a large, beautiful cathedral.The square in front of the cathedral was decorated for Christmas.There were a lot of rules to walk on the church roof: you had to take your shoes off, you had to stay off the domes, and you couldn’t ring the bells.Several other churches were visible from the cathedral roof.

Our bus drivers and guides found a convenient spot to enjoy some food while we were touring Leon. On Friday we are going to visit Antigua, Guatemala.

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  1. Beautiful photos! It seems each Central American country is unique. Enjoy the lovely weather. We are in a deep freeze here in Michigan, setting numerous records! ❄️❄️❄️

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