The Tortuguero Canals

On Friday we took a boat ride on the Tortuguero Canals near Puerto Limone on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. The tour was primarily for wildlife sighting.The canals are the only way to access the National Park of the same way. We saw so much wildlife, that we never really got into the park.My favorite animal was this lizard known as the Jesus Christ lizard because it can walk on water.We also got quite close to this baby caiman, a relative to the alligator. This one was about two feet long, but they can grow to 15 feet.We were fortunate to see this three toed sloth.An iguana.

Costa Rica has no military and is officially neutral. They use the money they save on the military to provide education through high school. While they are about the size of West Virginia, they have more bird species than all of North America, more animal species than Africa, and more insect species than Europe.

Our next stop is Panama, Panama City, and a transit of the canal.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these amazing photos! What a fabulous adventure. Costa Rica seems to take good care of their beautiful people and their fascinating wildlife. I would love to go back there someday.

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