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Wednesday we visited Jamaica. I went on a tour to a waterfall and garden, while Susan went on a Bob Marley tour. Yes, Susan does know how to have more fun. Her ride was in an old school bus with Bob Marley music playing the whole way as the bus wound up the mountains for one and a half hours to the Bob Marley Foundation where he lived and is now buried. Susan reports that everyone on her tour enjoyed being high in the mountains. Unfortunately, Susan forgot to take her phone on the tour, so we have no pictures to show. She doesn’t seem to remember too much else about the tour???

My tour was to Dunn River Falls and to a jungle botanical gardens. The falls was a series of cascades down the mountain to the ocean.One of the popular activities is to climb the falls from the ocean to the top. You can make the climb on you own or with a guide. In this picture there is a guide with a blue tee shirt at the front of the line. All the guides were barefoot while the tourists wore rubber water shoes.The Ocean was a pretty blue at the base of the falls, but I expect the South Pacific to be better.Above are some of the more interesting flowers from the botanical gardens.

Did we like Jamaica? Yeh Mon! Do we want to go back? Not really.

I do have one final thought on Cuba. I normally try to avoid political things, but on the way back to the ship from Havana; I kept wondering to myself why we don’t normalize our relations with Cuba. We have relations with other Communist countries that are probably much more of a threat than Cuba. Cuba has always been dependent on some other country. First it was the US during the brutal dictatorship of Batista. After the revolution led by Fidel, it was the Soviet Union until it ultimately collapsed. Most recently it was Venezuela until it deteriorated into chaos. It seems we are missing a golden opportunity to gain an ally and help a friendly people who are in need of help and in return gain a market for US goods. The ship had a lecture on the pros and cons of normalizing relations after we left Cuba with a vote of the audience afterward. The vote was overwhelmingly (I would guess 80 to 90%) to normalize relations. Again, it goes to show how person to person contacts can help bring people together. Any comments on this are welcome.

We are now headed to Costa Rica.

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