Sights in Vienna

The primary landmark in Vienna is St. Stephen’s Cathedral located at the center of the Ringstrasse.  Its tall spire is visible from our apartment window.

Unfortunately, they are rebricking the plaza around the cathedral, so there is no such thing as a good picture now.  You can also sense that power washing is a never ending activity as parts of the exterior are clean and other parts need cleaning.The church has a Gothic pulpit carved from three blocks of sandstone in about 1500.The Naschmarkt was an interesting place to eat lunch.  It is located on the very broad median of a street stretching for about a mile outside of the Ringstrasse.  There are two sides with one being primarily restaurants and the other primarily food stands.  A large number of the stands were middle eastern featuring things like falafel, shawarma, and hummus.  The curry hummus looked particularly good to me.The market ended with a flea market.  The street had architecturally interesting buildings on both sides.Pawleys Island does not have a Chanel store; but if they did, I am pretty sure it wouldn’t look like this.  The short route from our apartment to the Hofburg Palace includes several blocks of very high end shops.  We have walked those blocks many times with no damage to the credit card so far.The main entrance to Hofburg Palace.  It was very quiet at night but is always crowded during the day.There is a very large plaza known as the Museum Quarter with about ten museums on it.There was a stage in the Museum Quarter where people were learning how to be whirling dervishes.  This might be part of the month long dance festival.  We are going to see Giselle on Thursday.Wherever you are likely to find tourists, you will find people selling tickets to classical music concerts.  The Opera and Philharmonic are on summer break, so only the touristy music is available.  This concert was held in a hall in Hofburg Palace.  These shows typically include a small orchestra, a tenor, a soprano, and two ballet dancers.  The conductor was a real showman and worked with the drummer to include humor in the show.  When you hear the Blue Danube Waltz, you know the program is about over.  The show was enjoyable, but they all seem about the same except for the venue.

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