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According to our tour guide, Austrians have lost 80% of the wars they fought and consequently have only two heros.  One was Prince Eugene of Savoy, who defeated the Ottoman Turks in 1697 at the battle of Zenta.  He built a summer home outside Vienna in the early 1700’s consisting of two Baroque palaces and a stable surrounded by Baroque gardens.  They are known collectively as Belvedere Palace, which is now primarily an art museum.  Since it was a hot day – Have I mentioned previously that it is hot here? – we decided to master the tram system.  What was once outside of Vienna is now just outside the ringstrasse.  We got there with no problem and got home with only a little glitch of taking the tram in the wrong direction.  To combat the heat, we have learned to always carry a bottle of water with us.  Vienna has refill stations all over town so you can always refill with cool, potable water.The upper palace.The gardens looked much better from above than they did up close.  No one tends gardens and parks as well as the French.  The lower palace is at the end of the gardens.The upper palace and fountain.

The marble hall was the fanciest room in the palace.But this is the reason most people visit Belvedere Palace – Austrian painter Gustav Klimpt’s most famous work, The Kiss.  Apparently there was a problem with people taking selfies in front of the original painting.  A security guard was stationed at the painting and direct pictures were allowed.  Adjacent to the original was a small room with a full size copy of the painting dedicated to those who need a selfie with every famous painting.  It appeared that no self respecting selfie taker would use a copy, as no selfies were being taken there.  You will also notice that the selfie sign is in English with no German.  What does that say about selfie takers.

One palace down.  Two more to go.

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  1. I hope you get to the central cemetery where all the famous musicians are buried. It’s shady and the monuments are fabulous. We went from 86 deg here weds to rainy and 56 yesterday. Gotta love Minnesota.

  2. Great pictures, Bruce! The gardens look incredible! Love Susan’s top – perfect for the heat and pretty colors! Funny about the selfie station!

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