Some French Villages

While the Canal du Midi is beautiful by its self, particularly where the plane trees line both sides, the main attractions are the French villages and towns you pass through.  Following are some of the highlights.

Argens-MinervoisOf course every village has to have a church.We had a nice dinner there with our friends Lavonne and Daryll.  The yellow thing is a table top barbecue grill where we cooked an assortment of meats ourselves.

Ventenac-en-MinervoisWe toured this wine museum and functioning winery.  From the top of the tower, we got a good view of the canal.

CapestangThe cemetery.Dinner in the courtyard of a functioning winery.  Great food and atmosphere!

BeziersBeziera was a relatively large town and was our favorite on the canal.  This is the cathedral on the top of the hill and visible from all directions.This tree in the Poets Garden was truly unique.A chateau overlooking the Poets Garden.A free lending leave one, take one lending library in the park.  I understand this same idea is being practiced in parts of the US.The courtyard of the cathedral.

Beziers had a significant collection of “fool the eye” paintings on the sides of buildings, but none could compare with the one in Capestang shown in a previous post.The canal even had a one way tunnel we had to pass through.

It was a fun week on the Canal du Midi.  I even got to pilot the boat a little.  Our thanks to Lavonne and Daryll for their skills which made it all possible.

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