In Search of Lavender and Ochre

If you have ever heard me talk about Provence, you know how badly I have wanted to see the lavenders bloom there.  This yearning began with a screen saver that came with my Windows computer showing a field with rows of lavender in full bloom with a lone tree in the background.  I knew that we might be a little late for some of the fields, but I was hoping that there would still be some in full bloom.The Abbey Notre-Dame de Senanque is a landmark near where we are staying that is virtually surrounded by lavender fields.  Unfortunately, they seemed past there prime.  The abbey is still an active monastery.  We had asked at the tourist information office where we might find lavender blooming and he had suggested the hill town of Sault.  So off we went.Perhaps my favorite view was this one.  They don’t show up that well in the picture, but there is field after field of lavender in the background.  It was a beautiful patchwork of purple, green, and brown (harvested hay fields).Some of the lavender was not planted in rows and had some weeds poking up over the lavender.Other lavender fields were planted in neat rows and seemed weed free,  While I didn’t get a picture to match my screen saver, we saw some beautiful lavender fields.The hay fields weren’t too shabby either.

Ochre is an earth pigment with colors ranging from yellow, to orange, to brown and to red depending on the different iron compounds present in the soil.  Ochre cliffs are found near the hill town of Roussillon. The ochre trail took us by a number of ochre cliffs.

The buildings in Roussillon are various shades of ochre.And what better way to celebrate a wonderful day in Provence than with two scoops of lavender ice cream?

3 thoughts on “In Search of Lavender and Ochre”

  1. Love being an armchair tourist, but wish I was there seeing the lavender fields in person. By the way, there is an annual lavender festival near us in June. Just not the same!

    If I’m not mistaken, yesterday was National Ice Cream Day.

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