The Problem with Tallin

We first visited Tallin, Estonia about six years ago on a land tour with Odysseys Unlimited.  At the time we thought the town was overcrowded with cruise ship passengers.  This time we arrived on a cruise ship ourselves and the crowding has only gotten worse.  There were six ships in port and we estimated there were over 10,000 passengers on these ships.  All of these cruise ships arrive in the morning and have their shore excursions in the morning.  Tallin is a small city and the city felt totally overcrowded with tour group after tour group competing for spots at the overlooks and to pass in the streets.  I have read that some cities such as Venice are limiting the number of tourists in a day so as not to destroy the appeal of the city.  In my view, Tallin needs to take similar steps.  I also think the cruise companies should work together to coordinate the port visits to prevent overcrowding in smaller ports.  I know they do this in Antarctica, so I think they can also do it elsewhere in the world.  Editorial  mostly over.  Here are a few pictures of Tallin.This is the main town square about noon time.  I would guess that the only locals here are the tour guides.By 2:00, the square is considerably less crowded and much more appealing.

The Russian Orthodox Church.Part of the original town wall.A view of the lower town from the upper town.This seagull came to visit Ron and I while we were sitting on a wall while the girls shopped.  I really like the red circle around its eye.

A street Scene after most of the cruise ship tours have gone back to the ship.  Gdansk was also crowded, but it seemed crowded with locals which I find perfectly acceptable.

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