Affordable Clean Water

Clean, safe drinking water is hard to find in Guatemala. More than 97% of the water supply in Guatemala (including here in Antigua) is unsafe to drink. Many children don’t live to ten because of diseases transmitted in the water. An Ecofiltro is a low cost solution to this problem that was invented in Guatemala and is manufactured in Antigua. The filter is made from clay, sawdust, and colloidal silver. When the filter is fired to harden the clay, the sawdust burns out leaving a porous filter. The colloidal silver kills any bacteria in the water. You can pour lake water, collected rainwater, or water from a mud puddle in the top, and potable water comes out the bottom at the rate of about two quarts per hour. The company’s business model is to sell units in the cities for about $50 and use the profits to subsidize units for the rural areas. A filter lasts for two years, so it is much cheaper than either bottled water or boiling water. For $35, they can provide a new Ecofiltro to a rural family and replace their filter every two years for life! They presently are providing Ecofiltros to thirty third world countries. We have an Ecofiltro in our house and we can vouch that we have survived for over three weeks without problems.


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  1. Bring the machine with you to Sarasota Sat!! We get around any water problems here by swilling wine and vodka. They taste better than our water here.


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