Saturday in Antigua

On Saturday we woke up to our fourteenth consecutive blue sky morning. If you could specify what weather you wanted each day, you might well specify the weather here in Antigua! Like all students, we were excited to have a day off from school. We decided to walk to the five star Santo Domingo hotel on the other side of town.

We live in one of four walled and gated communities off a side street which is accessible only by passing through another gate with a guard who usually has a rifle slung over his shoulder. We said our normal “buenos dias” to the two guards and headed down the cobblestone streets and narrow sidewalks into town. Our first stop was a street craft market where the women shopped and the men looked at the ruin next to the market.

We then went to the hotel and its six small museums. The hotel is built on the grounds of the ruins of a convent. My favorite museum is the pre-Columbian where each display case contains some Olmec or Mayan artifacts together with contemporary art on a similar theme. The hotel was setting up the former sanctuary of the convent for an elegant wedding. We decided if we were ever to renew our vows, this was the place to do it!

The hotel also has a restaurant/convention center on a hill overlooking Antigua. We took a hotel shuttle up to the restaurant where the Rotary was having a banquet in the convention center. There were models posing as statues along the route to the banquet. We had a wonderful lunch outside with views of the volcanoes. On the way home, we encountered a religious street performance.

We agreed it was another wonderful day in Antigua! Pictures below.





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