The 4pm Boat from Panajachel or OMG !

We left early in the morning on a tranquil lake in a boat for 4 people to Pana. The lake was beautiful as usual and we were excited to be going to Chichicastenango ,otherwise known as ChiChi .it took 2 hours on a mountain road to get there by private shuttle. The Chicken Buses come roaring down the wrong side ot the road which scared us but was nothing compared to the Pana boat home..

I will describe the boat but it won’t do it justice to the experience .its a fiberglass large row boat with a wooden roof. The boat is meant to hold 14 people..Due to no safety regulations in Guatamala we sit at the dock until at least 28 people are on board.. The whole time we are loading the boat sinks lower in the jackets are sparse,I doubt there are even 14 that are accessible.The problem is to make the decision where to sit..if you sit in the front two rows you get wet.The only protection from the splash is a piece of plastic to hold over you .If you move back,and the boat goes over ,you probably drown.we chose to drown. Who are the passengers with us on this adventure? We have the native women in their traditional dress, the teenage students ,some obnoxious American ,kids who commute every day on this boat, and the hippies headed for San Pedro and the 4 old retires ,us. The 15 minute ride to Jaibalito took 45 minutes due to the load and the rougher water.the last challenge is to get out of the boat while it is rocking and the dock is high above you, no ladder .we finally all make it out and walk the planked path to our house.

We no sooner got in the door ,that we looked at each other and said where is the wine. We Happy Houred our nerves and all agreed what a fun day it was.



But this makes it all worthwhile!


4 thoughts on “The 4pm Boat from Panajachel or OMG !”

  1. Looks gorgeous, but it sounds that you are in favor of regulations – maybe you should become a Democrat- LOL

    Glad you are having a wonderful adventure

  2. Wow. Am loving your blog. Saw it on Lynne Martin’s page for Home Free Adventures. Looking forward to future posts!

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