Life in Our Town

We are presently living in a two bedroom house in Jaibalito on the shores of Lake Atitlan. It is the dry season where the mornings are warm, sunny, and low humidity. In the afternoon, it gets breezy with a few clouds so it tends to be a little cooler. The evenings are still again and cool – what is known here as perpetual spring.

Our house fronts the lake and has a pier in front. Our morning starts with coffee on the pier watching the fishing boats and volcanoes (no activity – they’re just pretty). After breakfast on the porch, we set out for the day. One day we went to the “big city” of Panajachel for supplies and hiking in the nature reserve. Another day we hiked to our neighboring town of Santa Cruz. Despite our isolated location, the food has been very good and we meet people at virtually every meal.

A hurricane hit the area several years ago and raised the lake level seventeen feet. Consequently, our sidewalk into town is wooden planks built above the water. This is OK when there is no wind in the morning and evening, but in the afternoon the water splashes up through the boards making it difficult to stay dry.


This is the largest store in town. You see almost all of it here.


Every morning a load of construction supplies shows up on the public dock. As the day progresses, the supplies get moved by women and children up the hill into the town. This woman is lifting a 92 pound bag of cement to carry on her back.


We are thoroughly enjoying life in our town.

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